Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles are a fun and efficient way to travel in and around the Austin, TX area. Whether you ride your bike to work day in and day out, or just indulge in an occasional joy ride on weekends, motorcycle riders share a unique perspective on the open road that others just don’t understand. But as fun as it is to ride a bike, it can also be risky and dangerous. Being a cautious driver can cut down on those risks to a certain degree, but accidents can happen to anyone. That’s why motorcycle insurance is so important – not only to cover damage that might happen to your bike, but to help cover medical costs should the unthinkable happen.

motorcycle insurance

At Looper’s Insurance, we’re pleased to offer motorcycle insurance to cover a variety of different events that could happen to even the most careful drivers. These policies include Elite, Plus and Saver coverage. Depending on which policy you have, it can cover the following:

  • Your bike is totaled. Our Plus and Elite packages will help to cover the costs if your bike is totaled. Choose Elite if you want to receive current market value and your bike is five years old or less; or choose Plus coverage, which will last until the bike is two years old.
  • Your personal property is stolen or lost. If you somehow lose the personal property that you’re carrying on your bike (in a saddlebag, for example) – whether it’s damaged in an accident, lost or stolen — our Elite coverage will help replace the cost.
  • Your helmet is damaged. All three policies – Elite, Plus and Saver – will help you to pay for helmet damage.

Each of our motorcycle insurance policies can include three different kinds of coverage:

  • Liability, which helps to cover damage or injuries that happen in an accident that is your fault.
  • Collision, which helps to cover damage to your bike when you hit either a vehicle or some other object.
  • Other-than-collision coverage, which helps to cover damage caused by something other than an accident, such as vandalism, theft, or weather damage.



For more information about motorcycle insurance, contact our Austin, TX office today and schedule an appointment.
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