Umbrella Coverage

Umbrella Coverage

Think of all the things that you hold dear in your life and how hard you’ve worked to earn those things, whether it’s your home, your vehicle, your personal savings, or any other material possession. Now think how sad it would be to lose those valued possessions, and how hard you would have to work to get them back, whether it’s saving for another home, a new car, or building up your savings account from scratch. Fortunately, Farmers® personal umbrella coverage allows you to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve, which is why we are so pleased to offer this umbrella coverage to our customers from in and around the Austin, TX area.

Imagine a worst-case scenario. A stranger falls on your property and you’re sued for astronomical medical costs. You’re in an auto accident and a jury says you’re responsible for bodily injuries and property damage in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. These events can be game changers for most people. You could, quite literally, lose everything you’ve worked so hard for over the years. Our personal umbrella insurance provides you with liability coverage above and beyond the limits on your personal liability and auto policies. We offer up to $10 million in coverage, in increments of $1 million. The best part of all is the remarkably low cost: for $1 a day, you can have $1 million of coverage.

Our personal umbrella policy provides extra liability insurance for the following:

  • Your home
  • Two vehicles
  • Motorboats (with less than 50 horsepower)
  • Small sailboats

Additional property can be protected by adding optional umbrella coverage. And we provide you with even more flexibility: although your auto insurance will need to be with Farmers in order to purchase our personal umbrella coverage, your home insurance can be with any insurance carrier.



To find out more about our personal umbrella insurance, contact our Austin, TX office today and schedule an appointment with Looper Insurance Agency.
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